The cycle of fashion stone–Terrazzo

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Fashion always returns. Terrazzo which was considered to be old-fashioned before has reappeared in the world. But in recent years, its extremely beautiful appearance lead to the market trend. Perfectly interpreting the “Appearance is justice”.It turns out to be some styles never go out of fashion. Terrazzo composed of natural raw materials such as marble, granite, crystals, and shells. Be born with a vintage and industrial sense of beauty, whether it is used in indoor and outdoor floor, wall,countertop,bathroom decoration or furniture table is very suitable.

The traditional terrazzo is gray, this color is usually widely used in public places so make it looks clear and simple. When used in an indoor or a small space, it is recommended to use some fresh colors such as red, green, orange, etc. These colors were made of natural materials so look more soft and natural rather than strongly bright.


  • Durable. Terrazzo has high hardness, the surface hardness can reach 6-8. High wear-resistance make can be repaired repeatedly.
  • Sustainable. Terrazzo is normally made of edge and corner materials, it is a sustainable decorative choice at a moderate price.
  • Stain-resistant.Terrazzo is easy to take care of and is resistant to dirty. In daily home cleaning, you can just simply sweep it to it clean.
  • Unique. Irregular stone patterns add some uncertain sense of random beauty, and the seemingly rough surface brings a wild or delicate flavor to the terrazzo.
  • Economic-friendly. New Terrazzo using the latest technology to reach minimize environmental waste and emissions.


Not only as a material but also as an element,its extensive selection of colors and patterns has increasingly become the first choice of decorative materials for many people. There are endless possibilities for Terrazzo in the future.


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