Statuary White 1”x2” Basket Weave Mosaic With Cinderella Dot

Statuary White 1”x2” Basket Weave Mosaic With Cinderella Dot

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Maybe you have seen various mosaic patterns, just like hexagon, herringbone, square, arabesque, and penny round. Is there any pattern you are interested in? My answer is Basketweave. Basketweave is the latest pattern trend taking over 2019. It is refined and intriguing but still has an undeniable natural charm. You can weave any style according to your preferences. And I’m infatuated with it! Believe you will be hooked too. Its general surface treatment is honed and polished. From wall to floor, it tends to be well-suited for just about anything.


The materials consist of Statuary white and Cinderella which is the hot-selling match, we had exported them for different markets. Besides we can do customize as per customers’ requirements. So just throw us your requests as much as you can. For this product, we have stocks now which ensure we can deliver the goods timely after your choosing. What’s more, a good price and high quality will be offered to support you well in your market! We do our best to strengthen the packing –to avoid scratches, we offer protective lamination and then packet every single piece independently. After that, we put 5 pieces into one box, and 72boxes per crate. So please feel assured about the packing. We promise you will receive the premium goods.


Back to our life from the product, what kind of life do you want to weave for yourself? This is a question worth our thinking. We need to remember that now everything is to weave wings for the future dream, let the dream fly in reality. Get down to the earth and do everything well. I was attracted to it, how about you? Just take it away to add the natural beauty to your space and add color to your life.


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