Mirabell Medallion Waterjet Mosaic Design

Mirabell Medallion Waterjet Mosaic Design

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“The world is not short of beauty, but the lack of eyes to find beauty.” Fortunately, Lillian, with a quiet heart and a pair of observant eyes, integrated her inspiration from the baroque architectural masterpiece Mirabelle garden into her design. It took weeks of picking, processing and paving by clever craftsmen to create this clip painting of the same name. Mirabell means “stunning” in Italian, and today we take a look at the beauty of this medallion.


Located in Salzburg, Austria, Mirabelle gardens is a small city that has been home to music genius Mozart and a rich artistic atmosphere. The architecture is typical of the baroque style. The complicated palace decoration and the gorgeous and bold use of colors make people cannot help admiring the freedom and romantic courage of the baroque artists. Lillian draws on the essence of Baroque art, and Mirabelle gardens are a tribute to baroque artists. Flowers, fruits, fresh shell, all display the vigorous vitality of nature.


Undulating smooth lines, through artistic deformation techniques, draw the outline of dynamic unrestrained patterns, as if to take you back to the 18th century Europe. The material caters to the rich and varied requirements of baroque style. The background color is classic Bianco Carrara, Nero Marquina, and between black and white, there is a soft transition of Latin grey, mother of pearl and stainless steel. Lillian was sure that her delicate clipboard would capture the most subtle gradations of color, just as a painter captures changes in the morning and evening light. Color in addition to the mainstream of black and white gray, bold choice of red and blue, life will be full of passion. It is the constant theme of baroque art.


During the weeks of handcrafting, the advanced waterjet technique ensures quality and efficiency. Most of the small particles are obtained by saw cutting, only a small part by hand clamping, color glass part is directly cut with a knife to ensure the edge is fine and smooth. Small particles are a step of extreme precision, and Lillian and the artisans know the meaning of the word “Mosaic,” which is “an art of quiet and patient work.” Lillian patiently guided, communicated with the craftsmen, and inlaid each grain in strict accordance with the drawings. Finally, this vivid Mirabelle garden was created.

Mirabelle garden will be smart, vibrant natural elements into the home design, centree ingenuity, art into a masterpiece.


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