Grigio Toscana – Embodiment of Impressive Grandeur

Grigio Toscana – Embodiment of Impressive Grandeur

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Grigio Toscana, a distinctly beautiful marble, originates from China offering very cost-effective pricing. Covered with gray-white veins and small brilliant crystal particles, the subtle blending of color, pattern and surface finishing makes Grigio Toscana Marble a wide use for interior and exterior decoration. Nebulous veins spread all over the surface, displaying veiled and soft beauty. Various finishings make the Grigio Toscana marble ingeniously displayed.


Perfect for exterior decoration with a wide variety of surface treatments, such as Bush-Hammered, Sandblasted, Flamed, Brushed, Tumbled etc.Among which, flamed finishing forms an obsessed image which will remind you of a romantic walk in the rain. Polished and Honed surface finishings are suitable for interior decor. With rich patterns of gray and white veins, Grigio Toscana marble is definitely a perfect decorative material. The common patterns are such as “water waves”, “ water joins the sky”, “mist-covered waters” and “violent waves”.


From interior mosaic, tile to exterior paving, countertop and cultural stone, it always can meet your requirements no matter where the position is. Featuring nebulous grey veins, Grigio Toscana Marble creates a fantasy world where you can explore the boundless universe. With its advantages of vintage style, it will be the future star of the stone market.


What makes us a classy supplier of Grigio Toscana Marble? Firstly, high-quality resources. Our factory is close to the quarry, ensuring an ample supply of blocks. Secondly, various dimensions and colors are available. Slabs, mosaic tiles in brick, square, arabesque, basketweave, herringbone, penny round, etc. as well as delicate art waterjet mosaics are in stock. Thirdly, we offer a more competitive price. Last but not least, three times quality control guarantee premium output, making Century an outstanding supplier of Grigio Toscana Marble.


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