Dancing on the lake-Karara & Thassos White

Dancing on the lake-Karara & Thassos White

150 150 lya


Dancing on the lake comes from the classic chess game played by Shi Xiangxia and Xiping Fan in the Qing dynasty. Life is like a game of chess.

Chess should go step by step, no one can win one step at a time: the road of life should also be taken step by step, no one can achieve achievement step by step. In this design, we use simple Karara crystal white material collocation, creating a change in color between frames. Give the traditional square new life, different materials, different positions, up and down thickness changes, to create a dynamic effect.

The collocation of different white materials has gradually become a popular trend in the market. Karara and Crystal White are both traditional and popular materials, and when they are combined, they show a three-dimensional 3D effect, concave and convex, which is very interesting.

Compared with the complex mosaic product, this design is further simplified, based on the traditional square particle edge products, redesign research, and development, reduce bending and complex cutting and material matching. Under the premise of maintaining the overall product effect, control the cost of production and reduce the price. If the cost of construction needs to be controlled, the choice of decorative materials is often limited to panels and simple pattern mosaics.

Officially, because we have found a strong demand in this market, the choice of home decoration for customers, our excellent design, combined with market information and production feasibility, to create more and more economic mosaic, to provide customers with more possibilities.


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