Bianco Carrara 2×4″ Brick Mosaic

Bianco Carrara 2×4″ Brick Mosaic

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Shown here is Bianco Carrara 2×4″ brick mosaic, the material comes from Italy and it’s a very famous marble material all over the world.

Bianco Carrara material is one kind of white marble which with grey veins on the background. The veins will be different from different blocks, so the mosaic tile we finish finally will be with different veins, too. People love the different veins styles, it must be natural stone’s magic. The other factor that makes Bianco Carrara so popular should be its self character. Its hardness is enough strong so it can be produced into wide ranges of products from slab, tile, mosaic to complex moldings like stair railing.

Regarding the brick pattern, it is a traditional pattern that has been popular in the market for many years. It’s a classic design mosaic tile that is widely used in interior decoration. For example, it’s suitable for the kitchen backsplash as above rendering shows. Also, it is popularly used for the bathroom wall.

From some light commercial projects, you can also see this pattern in bar, restaurant, hotel, etc. The sheet size of this pattern is 12×12 icnh with thickness of 3/8 inch and the single-chip size is 2×4 inch. As this material is popular, we produce different classic patterns, too. For example, 1-inch hexagon, 2-inch hexagon, 1×2 inch basketweave, 1×3 inch herringbone, 1×4 inch herringbone and so on.

Century Mosaic factory has been serving our customers all over the world for over ten years, we know well of the Bianco Carrara material and we are able to produce according to your demand. If you have any demand for stone decoration, please feel free to contact the century team. We are ready to do our best to serve you.


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