Beautiful And Natural Flower Mosaic

Beautiful And Natural Flower Mosaic

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Shown here are the beautiful flower pattern mosaics, which design inspiration comes from the natural flower – Chrysanthemum. The designers tried many times to hand-drawn this pattern just to select the most appropriate proportion of the flower, which can show the most beautiful and natural flower mosaics to the customers.

Compared with other regular mosaic tile, the flower pattern is one kind of fine art mosaic that can help customers to create an elegant home while it’s being used for shower room decoration of both wall and floor. The combination of stone and flower from nature makes people feel as if they were in nature and feel the charm of nature. When people come back home, they will feel relaxed.




As the white line color marble is very popular in the market, people prefer to use white marble to create the flower mosaics. Different blending can be available in the Century Mosaic factory, for example, all-white Bianco Carrara with beautiful grey veins mixed with pure White Thassos, which are two very popular material in the world. White mix black like Bianco Carrara and Nero Marquina which is a classic pattern. Century would also like to provide customization services to our customers, and it can be even blended with 3 colors like white mix pure white and brown.




This flower pattern is made of two parts-the round center of a flower and oval petal. All these two parts were cut by water-jet machines which with high production costs at the beginning. To lower production cost and provide the best price to customers, Century team use special molding machines to make this pattern and it attracts more and more customers.

With more than ten years’ experience in the stone decoration industry, Century Mosaics will be the best choice. If you have any demand, feel free to contact us.







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